Real World Networks is a CSL compliant wholesale network operator that partners with developers to design, build and manage greenfields compliant communication solutions with greater flexibility and lower costs than other greenfields providers.

In December 2014, the federal government released a report clarifying its attitude to competition in greenfields areas. The government actively encouraged the telecommunications industry to explore innovative ways to assist developers with delivering high speed communications to their sites.

Real World Networks model is fully compliant with the greenfields broadband legislative requirements and offers developers many additional benefits compared to other wholesale high-speed broadband providers such as NBN.

Real World Networks employs engineers who extensive experience delivering turnkey communication services in greenfields and brownfields sites. 

Developers who partner with Real World Networks achieve a positive ROI on their communications investment in greenfields developments.

Developers who partner with Real World Networks see:

  • High Speed access services for tenancies at speeds of up to 1Gbps per tenancy
  • Opportunity to deploy fibre optic technology and leverage it to provide voice, data, free to air television, PayTV, smart meteri
  • Rapid Deployment Timelines
  • Rich deployment partner network to offer value-add services such as building control, security and metering
  • Active network of Retail Service Providers (RSP)
  • Regular financial payments to owners corporation or body-corporate for each active service

Our complete solution includes:

  • Design of pit and pipe services
  • Design of backhaul connectivity
  • Auditing of pit and pipe infrastructure
  • Statements of compliance for local councils
  • Installation of optical fibre infrastructure and connection to every premesis
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery
  • Value-add services such as free community WiFi, community portals and remote CCTV network access for developers and security