Real World Networks partners with building owners to help them equip their building for the broadband revolution.

Many buildings are stuck with slow internet access from congested DSL DSLAMs and no prospect that the National Broadband Network will connect their building within the next three years. These buildings suffer from reduced property prices as they are less attractive to tenants and owners. Unlike other providers of in-building broadband, Real World Networks is a whoelsale only provider, and can legally deliver broadband services through our network of Retail Services Providers at speeds that exceed 25Mbps.

Real World Networks:

  • Leverages existing in-building cabling so it is not necessary to install new cabling, reducing connection costs
  • Delivers PSTN, ISDN and other Telephony services which will survive NBN disconnection dates
  • Has a low-footprint install
  • Is a licensed telecommunications carrier that fully complies with the Australian Legislation
  • Provides speeds up to 100Mbps using copper cabling or up to 10Gbps using Fibre Cabling